Delixery is the internal division of Antidoto SA which develops and sells ovens for the home delivery of pizzas, hamburgers, chips, oriental cuisine and all those foods that must be delivered hot.
Its Research & Development section is constantly moving to keep up with the times and technologies, creating new products that meet the needs of restaurateurs.
The first oven developed, the Bright, allowed the maintenance of ideal temperatures for food, using the exhaust gas produced by the motor. Thanks to the use of a heat exchanger, it could in fact reuse that energy, without the gases coming into contact with food. The Bright was then developed and approved also for cars. Its installation on the Fiat Panda 1.2 was the reference point for pizza makers throughout Switzerland. Finally, the pizzas they made could be delivered exactly as they just came out of the oven, with no loss of taste or crunchiness.
With the evolution of technologies, especially in the energy field, Delixery then created ovens powered by special batteries that made them more and more performing. The developed and patented supplies allow you to bring hot meals, whether they are pizzas, hamburgers, fried foods or pasta, directly from the restaurant to the customer, keeping them at an average temperature of over 65 °, thus guaranteeing the maintenance of all the characteristics such as taste or texture, to the equal to the product just made.
Today Delixery develops and sells two lines: Sahara, the top of the range for restaurateurs who do not compromise and Scirocco, more suitable for those with a smaller and closer clientele. They are also sold and exported outside of Switzerland, from neighboring Italy to Australia.
With hard work and perseverance, the vision of the company has become reality: our portable ovens have created the change, passing from restaurateurs who lost customers because they are dissatisfied with the product arrived at home, to pizzerias and restaurants that decide to expand the fleet with our oven in order to deliver a perfect product to more and more customers.


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